Реставрация сталинского дивана своими руками видео

Реставрация сталинского дивана своими руками видео

Недорогая реставрация шкафа своими руками. Реставрация шкафа своими руками дала новую жизнь недорогой мебели в моей квартире. peamsac.едахендмейд.рф is tracked by us since June, Over the time it has been ranked as high as in the world, while most of its traffic comes from Russian Federation, where it . peamsac.едахендмейд.рф is tracked by us since January, Over the time it has been ranked as high as in the world, while most of its traffic comes from Russian Federation, where . I finished a project this morning, and I’m so excited about how it turned out. Let me introduce you to my new framed magnetic chalkboard spice rack. X-Ray Gifs For Weiss Orthopaedics I produced this series of animated gifs of the human anatomy from X-rays of Dr. Noah Weiss himself. I think these are some Read More.

Let me introduce you to my new framed magnetic chalkboard spice rack. It used to be a dry erase message board.

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  • I made that dry erase message board in January of this year, and since then I have learned an interesting thing about myself. So, having no need for a message board, I started thinking about other ways I could use that space. The spice shelf in my cabinet had become so messy that it was useless. Before making mine, I searched online for some instructions. You can even buy magnetic spice racks at Ikea and other stores. I did make some changes to mine, though. Here are the details:.

    Use a jigsaw to cut out the plywood or MDF. Next, using a metal duct that looks like this available at any big box home improvement store …. Be sure to use gloves!! You can also purchase a flat sheet of metal also available at big box home improvement stores , but the cost is significantly higher.

    Using a strong adhesive like this one…. When the adhesive is completely dry, use grit sandpaper and sand the surface of the metal, then cover with chalkboard paint. Remember, when using spray paint, several thin coats is better than a couple of thick coats! Next, assemble the jars. If you use larger neodymium magnets, you could probably get away with using only one per jar.

    Unfortunately, this was the largest size I could find locally.

    Before assembling everything, be sure to condition the chalkboard by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk over the entire surface, and then wiping off the chalk. I also chose to write the names of the spices on the board before nailing the chalkboard into the frame.

    I still have a lot more organizing to do in my kitchen. Yeah, right! Love this! I love this, Kristi! Guess I would need labels on the jars, too.

    I was thinking that too but what if you used the chalkboard paint on the bottom of the jar? Then you could put the spice name on the bottom of the jar also. While searching today, I just found some chalkboard contact paper- so you can write the name on the jar, and remove it if you choose to put a different spice in that particular jar. I was thinking about that, too.

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    What a fun, useful project! It turned out beautiful.

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    Have fun with your projects!!! Great DIY project! I have a silly question. When you prepare the chalkboard is there a certain brand of calk you use? When I tried some generic brand it just scratched the paint and when I went to write on it you could barely see the words. Love this.

    Реставрация сталинского дивана своими руками видео

    I agree this is much more useful than the white board. I love how you reused the frame. I love pretty organization and this is super cute! Great idea, Kristi! What a great idea…. I made a message board with sheet metal too…. My husband said no way! This is amazing! I love the idea of using spices as a decorating technique and getting rid of that spice cabinet where you cannot find anything.

    So creative and going to try it out myself. Last time I used it, I vowed to never use it again.

    Реставрация сталинского дивана своими руками видео

    Great idea!!! If your kitchen has a lot of natural light, you could also use opaque containers rather than clear glass ones. It might not be as pretty, but perhaps paint them different colors?

    Kristi great idea! You are so creative! Thanks for sharing. Wanna pay a visit? Beautiful idea — wish I could implement it myself.. Wow…totally awesome, creative and out of the box thinking…love it! This is quick easy decorative and perfect!!! Great idea and fabulous execution! This is awesome!

    Framed Magnetic Chalkboard Spice Rack

    I used to have my spices in a similar thing but used little tins with pop off tops. Love it! I love this! I have clear canisters but I never thought about making my own spice rack. I like seeing the color and textures of the spices. The frame pulls it all together nicely. I also love the "live and learn" aspect of this project. I love it! I have the same problem in my kitchen. This would be a great gift as well. Beautiful job on a decorative functional piece.

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    The colors look great against the mural. And thanks for the tip on the metal. Amazing job. What a great idea! We have been toying around with some different ideas for organizing our spices and something like this just might work! I can imagine looking more complicated stuff!! That project took about three hours over two days to complete. When it was finished, it took […]. Question…do u think I could bypass the metal and use magnetic paint. Think it would be strong enough?

    I heard somewhere that peeps paint magnetic and then chalkboard on top of it so they have both magnetic and chalkboard together.

    This version is not supported by Behance.

    My experience with the magnetic paint in the past is that no matter how many coats I use, I can only get it to hold up very lightweight items, like a magnetic clip holding one piece of paper. Anything heavier, and the magnet slides down the board.

    Sorry for the […]. I just measured the flat portion of it to be sure it was large enough to fill my frame. This is a great idea…I have a piece of metal I have been hanging on to for a long time not knowing really what to use it for….

    X-Ray Gifs

    Thank you. This is fantastic. Definitely giving this a go! Instead of using sheet metal AND chalkboard paint you could use metallic paint instead of the sheet metal. For instance, check out this blog about making a spice rack from little more than scrap […].

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    I think the mural around it ties it all together. Is that a painted mural or decal? Thanks for this great idea. I guess you can tell, since a couple of them are empty. A FEW??

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